Essential Travel Experience #85 – See a Show

     Always try to sample the local entertainment when in a foreign country. Often these experiences become some of the most memorable of a trip. In some cases, the type of entertainment can only be found in this one place. We normally look for this type of experience wherever we go.

    In Thailand, we went to a marvelous exhibition of Thai dancing with elaborate costumes and traditional music.

Thai Dancing

In Shanghai we saw the most incredible acrobats we have ever seen. The show was fantastic.

Shanghai Acrobats

In Xi’an we saw the Tang Dynasty Show, which featured traditional Chinese costumes and music, very entertaining.

Tang Dynasty Show

In Seville, Spain, the Flamenco is the traditional dance. We saw a wonderful exhibition of flamenco at El Arenal.

El Arenal

Madrid’s greatest show is the Bull Fight, and, although we knew we would not particularly care for the butchering of these poor bulls, we stayed for over half the show at Madrid’s famous bull ring, Plaza de Toros de las Ventas.

Bull Fight, Madrid

In Vienna, we had to attend a Mozart Concert in the Musikverein (Golden Hall), one of the world’s most elegant and acoustically perfect concert venues,

Mozart Concert

Paris is famous for the Moulin Rouge and its Can-Can dancers.

Moulin Rouge

In Greece, plays are the thing, often held in outdoor arenas like the Odeon of Herodotus, which is adjacent to the Acropolis.

Odeon of Herodotus

Shakespeare still reigns supreme in England. The new Globe Theatre in London is a recreation of the original where many of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed.

Globe Theatre

On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the summertime outdoor performance of the Lost Colony is certainly memorable. It dramatizes the mysterious fate of the Roanoke Colony, which disappeared after a harsh winter.

Lost Colony


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