Essential Travel Experience #91 – Attend a Major Sports Event

     Sports are some of the world’s most popular activities, both for athletes and spectators. As a result, there are many iconic sports venues which transcend the ordinary. Try to at least stop in at some of these arenas or stadia when in the vicinity.

     The Romans loved to watch sporting events like gladiator bouts and chariot races. Their stadium in Rome is probably the most famous sports venue in the world.

The Colosseum

Its interior shows the basement level where gladiators prepared for combat and animals were housed.

Colosseum Interior

There are a number of arenas like the Colosseum around Europe which have been preserved since Roman times. The city of Verona has one.

Roman Arena, Verona

The Olympics display athleticism at its best, and Olympic stadiums can be found in many places around the world. Montreal has preserved its Olympic Stadium.

Olympic Stadium, Montreal

The recent Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, showcased one of the most distinctive stadia in the world. It became known as the Birds Nest Stadium.

Birds Nest Stadium

Spain’s arenas are mostly used for bull fights. This one in Madrid is one of the most famous.

Plaza de Toros de las Ventas

The town of Ronda’s bull ring is one of the oldest and most beautiful in all of Spain.

Ronda's Bull Ring

To me, the most important stadium in the world is Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx, home of my beloved Yankees.

Yankee Stadium


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