Essential Travel Experience #95 — Learn Something New at a School

    Schools are not typically the type of place that people head for on vacation. However, there are some special schools that are interesting to visit, perhaps because of their architecture or maybe something they display or offer to the traveler.

    We have encountered a few of these places in our travels and would like to share some with you. The Lunenburg Academy is particularly noticeable because of its architecture and its prominence just above the lovely town which is a World Heritage Site.

Lunenburg Academy

Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut, is one of the foremost educational institutions in the world.

Yale University

Flagler College, in St Augustine, Florida, began life as an exclusive hotel, designed for the rich and famous. A tour of the campus is really interesting because of the elaborate and exquisite decor.

Flagler College

The US Military Academy at West Point educates and prepares future career officers for the US Army

West Point

while the Air Force Academy does the same for members of the US Air Force.

Air Force Academy

Port of Spain, Trinidad, is home to Queens Royal College, an imposing edifice.

Queens Royal College

In England, the two most prestigious universities are Oxford

Oxford University

 and Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge

The Lippenzaner Riding School, located in Jerez de la Frontera, is a school for horses.

Lippenzaner Riding School


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