Israel 2011 — Impressions of Israel 1 — Dead Sea Plight

    Now that we are back in the USA, I would like to discuss some of my impressions of Israel. I will begin with a sad note about one of Israel’s greatest assets — the Dead Sea.

    This incredible feature of the earth’s surface is dying! The Dead Sea has been receding for many years but its rate of recession seems to be increasing.

     There is a program, according to our tour guide, that is being considered to attempt to bring water from the Red Sea to replenish the Dead Sea. Whether this will be done, or whether it is enough, it is too soon to tell. She, however, asked that we make an individual effort to assist the plight of the Dead Sea by voting for it as one of the new seven wonders of the world.  Go to the following website and cast your vote — there are only a few days left.


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