Kansas City & West — Day 6 (Eureka Springs)

       What a fantastic day! We  today drove from Branson into nearby Arkansas (I needed to add Arkansas to my list of US states visited), to the town of Eureka Springs. What a gem! The town is positively adorable, with interesting stone architecture, Victorian elements, and a number of worthwhile sights.

      The loveliest section of town, Spring Street, has a quaint and Old World type of ambience (allbeit with American touches). The buildings are constructed with a large, light-colored stone brick, with decorative wooden accents. Flower boxes adorn the balconies and windows of many of the homes and buildings. The streets are extremely narrow.

Spring Street

      One of the town’s major attractions is the Queen Anne Mansion, actually a  beautiful Victorian home which was moved here from its original location.

Queen Anne Mansion

      Just outside of town is Christ of the Andes, a huge statue (the largest statue of Christ in the Northern Hemisphere) towering seven stories high with a 65-foot armspan.

Christ of the Ozarks

 In the evenings a Passion Play production is presented, but we decided not to bother.

     Another interesting religious site in town is St Elizabeth Catholic Church, recognized by Ripley’s Believe It Not as the only church in the world which is entered through its bell tower.

Lee at St Elizabeth Church

      It is a beautiful stone church on the outside and it has a cute interior as well.


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