Most Awe-Inspiring Places on Earth — Niagara Falls

              While some travel sights in the world evoke emotion, others truly inspire awe. These are the grandest places on the planet and often leave visitors speechless. They are difficult to describe because words seem inadequate. In this series, I will explore those sights that I have found to be the most awe-inspiring. I’m sure everyone has their own personal list of these sights, but these are “my very best.”

            Even though it is not the highest or even the largest waterfall on earth, Niagara Falls is still spectacular. The volume of water which spills over the precipice of the falls is staggering. The plume of mist which permanently hovers over the falls can be seen for hundreds of miles. To look up at the falls from a Maid of the Mist boat challenges one’s imagination. When the American Falls                       

American Falls


and Canadian Falls are added together, the effect is mind-boggling.                    

Canadian Falls

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