My Personal Cancer Journey — A Pain-Filled Day

My day yesterday (and it looks like today will be no different) was filled with back pain. Any slight movement produced a sharp, excruciating stab of pain. Because the pain originates in the right kidney area, I fear that it is associated with the adrenal tumor which was described in my CT Scan of February 2015. If it is connected with that tumor, there is an indication that my chemotherapy may not be working, at least on that tumor, which would be extremely discouraging. I am not at the panic stage yet, but I am certainly concerned.

I called my cancer physician and his office indicated that little can be done until Monday, when I am scheduled for more chemotherapy. In the meantime, however, pain management becomes the most important goal, especially considering that this is Easter weekend. Thus, I am back on Oxycodone every six (6) hours and he has doubled the dosage of Fentanyl. Unfortunately I must inform him that these measures have not reduced the pain level significantly.

I will be calling again this morning. Hopefully, he will offer some other options.

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