My Personal Cancer Journey — An Afterthought

I was OVER-ANALYZING, a trait that I am known for, regarding my selection to the Athletic Hall of Fame the other day. I wonder if the committee selected me out of PITY!? It’s conceivable that they were thinking about honoring me and decided to do it this year so I could be present for the induction. That makes sense since no one knows whether I will be around after this year.

Then I thought, “You idiot! You are over-analyzing again. Just cling to the idea that the committee felt you truly deserved to be inducted, and leave it at that.”

I guess I really don’t want to feel that people are treating me different because I have cancer. I would certainly prefer that the world would deal with me as just another person, not deserving of any special favors, etc. Obviously I can’t make people feel or act that way, but that’s all I want.

I suppose the situation is similar to what happens when I first tell someone that I have terminal Lung Cancer. They are immediately sympathetic and probably consider their words and actions carefully since they know I am dying. I would probably act and probably have acted in the same way when I heard something sad like that. Perhaps I should simply expect that relationships with me have all changed because of my cancer, and I’ll just have to live with it.

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