My Personal Cancer Journey — An Unsettling Article

As I perused my Facebook pages yesterday, a former student had shared an article about me which ran in the Johnston Sunrise on Thursday, April 11, 2013. A friend of mine happens to be a reporter for the Sunrise, and he told me he would be writing and submitting the article, but to see it in print was unnerving to say the least. Not that the article was bad or untrue — not at all. It was a wonderful tribute to my history at Johnston High School and especially its Athletic Department.

However, I felt like I was reading my obituary or my eulogy! Quite frankly, I was unsettled by the article and I spent the rest of my evening thinking about it. It’s very flattering when others say nice things about you, but it made me starting thinking that this is “my last hurrah.” You may find the article at the following link:,80916

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