My Personal Cancer Journey — And the Pain Continues

And so the pain the continues, not that I expected otherwise. Ironically, the pain is worse again. There seems to be no relief. For a few days, I was able to sit still and the pain would disappear until I moved again. Now it is almost constant, although it is bearable at times. I keep wanting to stretch my back.

I have cut back on the drugs. I could not handle the feeling that I was not in control of my own body, so I am now taking only one (1) Oxycodone (5 mg) every four (4) hours. I feel much better using this dosage. The other side effect of the percoset is constipation.     Until I took a suppository last evening I hadn’t gone in three (3) days. I have begun to take fiber pills and several prunes each day to try to keep regular.

The ramification of all these medications are far-reaching and complicated.

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