My Personal Cancer Journey — Cycle #2

Today, I began my second cycle with the Avastin-Abraxane cocktail. I am dreading it in a way since the side effects from the first cycle have been many and varied, and difficult to deal with. On the other hand, I am looking forward to this round since, if these chemicals are working on my cancer, my tumors may be shrinking. When I asked the doctor about my next CT Scan, so that we can begin to plan our departure from Florida, he gave me some good news. I can have the CT Scan after the second cycle, instead of after the third. This means that we can return home after the 11th of May (my last treatment in cycle three). It also means that we will learn, on April 20th (the week after the current cycle ends), whether this particular regimen of chemo drugs is actually working on my cancer.

On another positive note, we watched the segment onĀ 60 MinutesĀ last night, entitled “Killing Cancer.” It was similar to the HBO program that I reported on before, although this program focused totally on the trials being conducted at Duke University, using the Polio virus to treat Glioblastoma (brain cancer). The results are very promising! In addition, the researcher indicated that he is testing this virus on other cancers, including Lung Cancer. Hopefully there will be trials that I might be able to qualify for, in the future. I will certainly look into this when I return to Rhode Island.

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