My Personal Cancer Journey — Exciting Treatment News

My daughter recently told me about a series that she saw on HBO, called VICE, which aired a program called “Killing Cancer.” The program discusses a radical new treatment that is being tested on various cancers around the country in which modified, disease-causing viruses are engineered to attack cancer cells. Some of the viruses that are being experimented with include the Measles Virus, the Smallpox Virus, the AIDS Virus (HIV), and the Common Cold Virus. The results of the trials have been no less than spectacular.

One of the personal stories that was documented on the program involved a 7-year-old girl with Leukemia who had her cancer completely eliminated after exposure to the engineered AIDS Virus.

Obviously, stories like this are exciting for terminal cancer patients like me, and I plan to discuss these trials with my doctors to see if there is anything like this going on with Lung Cancer. If you are interested in the program, I have provided the website below:


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