My Personal Cancer Journey — Hindsight

Looking back on this past Monday’s post, entitled “Narcotics,” makes a good case for waiting 24 hours before reacting to a significant event. On Monday, I was in the middle of a catastrophic day, bewildered by the physical effects of my chemo treatment and the increase in my medications, emotionally anxious about the source of my pain and its seeming omnipresence, and psychologically scarred and bruised by the entire range of side effects that I had been experiencing. It was a “perfect storm.”

I did not handle the situation well. In my writing I exhibited whining and evidence of depression. Thank goodness, I am over it. Things have now settled down. I am much less stressed, and my attitude, as well as my physical being, has improved tremendously. My back pain is much more manageable today. I have modified my meds accordingly, and they are simply doing their job, not causing problems.

Thankfully, hindsight offers the best perspective!

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