My Personal Cancer Journey — In Anticipation

I have been anticipating this doctor’s visit for weeks. Not dreading, mind you, because I think I am doing well and I think the CT Scan that I had on Friday will show that, but simply anticipating, waiting with bated breath for this to happen.

Why is it so monumental? Why am I somewhat anxious about it? This visit could mark a turning point in my treatment; it certainly will determine the course of my treatment for the next several months. I will insist that the “sentinel biopsy,” related to my Melanoma, be done. I want to be sure that the Melanoma is not a significant player in my future. Obviously, if it turns out to be the “primary” cancer, my entire treatment plan goes out the window and we start fresh.

The more likely scenario, one which I hope will be true, is that we are proceeding in the most efficient and most promising way, that my Lung Cancer is the major culprit and Tarceva is the treatment of choice. Keep your fingers crossed; I certainly am.

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