My Personal Cancer Journey — More, Different Side-Effects?

I wonder what other surprises my cancer has for me down the road. Yesterday and today, I was greeted with yet another, different side-effect from this regimen of chemo – rectal bleeding (sorry for the distasteful subject matter). I guess that I’m hoping it is simply my hemorrhoids which occasionally erupt this way, but my gut feeling is that this is also related to my cancer treatment. I also, of course, shed more globs of fluffy, white hair. My crop of pure, white hair is definitely thinning, but I still have enough to look normal.

Next week is my week off from chemotherapy. Perhaps some of these side-effects will disappear over that week and give me a few days of calm before the next storm. I still feel great though, and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that these drugs are doing a number on my tumors.

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