My Personal Cancer Journey — My Best Advice

What is the best advice that I can give to any young person? How can he/she become someone who leaves a positive impression on the majority of people they encounter in life? What does it take to be a productive member of society?

My answer is, “Be thoughtful!” Not necessarily “thoughtful” in the sense of “considerate” although that is a wonderful trait as well. What I mean by “thoughtful” is to think about things that happen. Analyze everything. Try to figure out what a particular event or statement means. Really ponder the phenomena that unfold around you.

Usually this type of activity must occur after something has taken place or after something has been said. This is how we learn from our mistakes; this is how we learn from other people. Take the time to deliberate, if possible, before you have to take action. But even if you can’t think something through thoroughly prior to responding, you can still think back on the experience and consider what other options were available, etc.

Gary’s message to the world — “Above all, be thoughtful!”

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