My Personal Cancer Journey — Top 100 (or so) Novels, 11-20

We who are near the end of our lives are frequently asked to give advice to younger folks about life. Since reading has been an important part of my life, I have decided that I would share my top books with my readers. Beginning with novels (my favorite genre), I will list my top 100 of all time. For brevity sake I will list them in groups of ten, arranged alphabetically by author. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my selections. Enjoy!

11.Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Ayre 

12. Bronte, Emily — Wuthering Heights 

13. Brown, Dan — The DaVinci Code (and the remainder of the Robert Langdon series: Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol, Inferno)

14. Buck, Pearl — The Good Earth 

15. Burgess, Anthony — A Clockwork Orange 

16. Butler, Samuel — The Way of All Flesh 

17. Camus, Albert — The Stranger 

18. Capote, Truman — In Cold Blood 

19. Cather, Willa — My Antonia 

20. Cervantes, Miguel — Don Quixote 

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