My Personal Cancer Journey — Top 25 Non-Fiction Books, # 14-25

Even though I do not read non-fiction as much as fiction, I thought I should give the genre some equal time. These books are listed alphabetically by author and constitute the best that I can offer. See how many you have read.

14. Morris, Desmond — The Naked Ape

15. Packard, Vance — The Persuaders

16. Peter, Laurence — The Peter Principle

17. Sagan, Carl — Cosmos

18. Sheehy, Gail — Passages

19. Shirer, William — Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

20. Sinclair, Upton — The Jungle

21. Solzhenitsyn, Alexander — The Gulag Archipelago

22. Tolle, Eckhardt — A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks

23. Tuchman, Barbara — The Guns of August

24. Watson, James — The Double Helix

25. Woodward, Robert — All the President’s Men

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