My Personal Cancer Journey — Another Good Report

Hallelujah! I received the results yesterday from my latest CT Scan. All is STABLE! Oncologists use the term “stable” to indicate that the cancer treatment is progressing normally. My doctor explained that, when these results are compared with the last ones, there has been little or no change in the numbers or sizes of the cancer tumors. However, when one compares these results with the first CT Scan, the progression of shrinkage has been significant and regular over the ten (10) months since we first began cancer treatment.

Lee and I are so pleased, because we are approaching the one-year mark with my “magic pill” and it is still effectively doing its job. Often, the pill ceases to work after a year or so. We certainly hope that the trend continues indefinitely. We celebrated with coffee and a muffin at Felicia’s, our favorite coffee house..

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