My Personal Cancer Journey — A Brief Update on My Cancer

My latest CT Scan showed mixed results. The largest of my tumors both showed significant shrinkage, a very good development. However, a number of the small tumors in my lungs were noticeably larger. This somewhat perplexing result precipitated the cancellation of my chemotherapy treatment, scheduled for yesterday. My doctor feels that he should change the cocktail of anti-cancer drugs based on my CT scan.

He also thinks that I should make an appointment with Dr Sequist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is aware of a clinical trial being conducted there which involves a “hot” (his words), new treatment for lung cancer that he referred to as PD-L1 (several ongoing trials show significant positive results with lung cancers). Basically the engineered anti-PD-L1 drug enhances the ability of the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells.

Our job, therefore, on Monday morning, is to make an appointment with Dr Sequist as soon as possible to ascertain whether I qualify for the trial and whether I can enroll. In the meantime, I will see my doctor on Thursday, December 4, 2014, at which time I will probably undergo another chemo treatment. Wish me luck with Mass General!

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