My Personal Cancer Journey — A Calming Influence

Yesterday my RI doctor called, as soon as he received a copy of my Feb 16th CT Scan. He was somewhat alarmed by the growth of the adrenal tumor but his response and recommendations were significantly more measured and probably more realistic than mine. My discussion with him has had a calming effect on me, and, even though I will carefully note and remember my treatment at the Cleveland Clinic, I am over my initial anger.

My RI doctor is extremely interested in the trial that is currently taking place in Weston, and he would like to see me enrolled in the trial as quickly as possible. The trial involves the use of the two (2) medications recommended by the Florida oncologist at my appointment on Monday, Avastin (known by the generic name Bevacizumab) and Abraxane (generically Paclitaxel) in tandem to treat non-small cell lung carcinoma. I will be pursuing this avenue over the next few days.

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