My Personal Cancer Journey — First Chemo in Florida

So far, I have been extremely fortunate with my first experiences involving chemotherapy. I had one early incident with nausea for a morning, but that was all until my last chemo treatment in Rhode Island. Perhaps because I had become complacent about chemo after-effects, I didn’t bother taking my anti-nausea meds, and I was actually nauseous for two (2) days; I also vomited once.

Well, I had my sixth and final chemo treatment yesterday, in Florida, at the Cleveland Clinic in West Palm Beach. I will religiously take my anti-nausea medications for the next few days and hope that my previous experience is not repeated.

Following this, I will have another CT Scan on February 16th, to see where we stand at the end of the first round of chemo, and then I will begin a maintenance program, with just one drug (the Alimta or Pematrexid), beginning on the 23rd, every three weeks. Of course, things could change significantly if the CT Scan results reveal more tumor growth, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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