My Personal Cancer Journey — Keep on Trucking

Well, today we reversed the decision to go to Boston and to enroll in the DPL1 trial. Upon discussion with the Cancer Research Specialist at Mass General and then with my cancer physician here, we have decided to continue with the traditional chemotherapy and then reassess after the fourth treatment (around Christmas).

DPL1 is a new approach to cancer. The drug involves immunotherapy, tricking the patient’s immune system to attack the cancer. Unfortunately, trials have shown it to be only 20% effective, although being a former smoker is an advantage here. The Mass General doctor described it as “either hitting a home run or striking out,” meaning there is no in between; it either works or it doesn’t. We feel this is too risky at this stage of my treatment. Better to stick with the chemo which is at least partially working before abandoning this tried and true method.

Thus, as has been the case before, all will rest on the results of my next CT Scan, scheduled to take place around January 13, 2015. This decision also delays our departure to Florida from Jan 10th to the 17th or so.

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