My Personal Cancer Journey — A New Adventure Begins

Today we begin to chart a decidedly different route for my final journey toward death. We officially became “snowbirds” today as we began a three-month sojourn in South Florida. Yes, we have traveled here during the winter before and stayed for weeks but facing this length of time away from home and family is completely new. We are of course hopeful that we will enjoy the respite from the snow and cold of the Northeast, and we are confident that we will have plenty to do, between visits by family and friends and connections with the many people we know in the vicinity.

I am a little concerned about the Florida sun and its effects on me. My doctor has repeatedly told me to avoid the sun because of the medication that I am taking. But I will religiously apply sun-block every morning and wear my hat all the time and hope that these precautions will prevent any side-effects.

Although I can certainly appreciate the relief from the cold and depressing nature of winter in Rhode Island, I am not a Florida-lover. I am simply hoping that this chapter in our lives will have a markedly positive effect on Lee. She absolutely hates the cold and it seems to aggravate several of her conditions. This could be “what the doctor ordered” for her, which would make this entire experience worthwhile. Besides, there is something to be said for playing golf in January and February, and it is definitely uplifting to see Nature in all her splendor at this gloomy time of the year.

Thus, we are both extremely optimistic as we begin this newest adventure in our lives which have thus far been filled with remarkable events and excursions.

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