My Personal Cancer Journey — An Update

My latest CT Scan and its analysis have been a frustrating and tension-fraught experience. I was scheduled for the CT Scan on January 9, 2015, with a follow-up appointment for analysis on Tuesday, January 13th. On the 8th of January I received a call from the Cancer Center that my doctor was called to India for a family emergency and would not return until Wednesday, January 21, 2015. Thus, my appointment was cancelled and our departure date for Florida was moved from Saturday, January 17th to the 24th (our date of leaving for a snowbird winter in Florida has been contingent on getting good news from my CT Scan and the schedule was dependent on my appointments up here).

We have been hating this cold weather, especially since we had originally planned to be in Florida by now. All of sudden we are stuck here until the end of January — we are missing an entire month of better weather. Thankfully, we received another call on the 9th to say that my doctor’s wife, also an oncologist at Roger Williams, would see me and discuss the results of my CT Scan on Monday, January 12th. Depending on what happens we may now be able to leave on the 17th again. All is contingent, however, on the results.

I just got back from my appointment, and the results are in. My tumors, in general, have stayed the same or shrunk slightly, with the exception of one lung tumor (which has grown very slightly). All my lymph nodules have remained the same size. They also noted a new nodule on my adrenal gland which they will continue to watch. It was a mere 12 mm in size.

Significantly, I have been cleared to go to Florida!! I will make an appointment with an oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida, and continue my chemotherapy treatments there until we return to RI. We are excited to be able to leave and get away from the cold weather.

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