Photo Album — Bryce Canyon National Park

                   Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah, is a fantasyland of shapes and colors. 

Thor's Hammer

The visitor looks down, or walks down, into a bowl of spires, known as hoodoos.  Each hoodoo is layered with colors, primarily red, orange, yellow, brown, and white, and rises from the amphitheater below in weird shapes or formations. 

Bryce Canyon

Most of these pillars are narrow and fingerlike,

Three Sisters

but others are wide, forming small buttes. 

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos

The colors change over the course of the day, due to shadows and lighting, but the views are always spectacular.

            Ride along the rim road stopping at each of the overlooks to appreciate all areas of the park. Particularly beautiful views are found at Inspiration Point,

Bryce Canyon Overlook

Rainbow Point, Bryce Point, and Fairyland Point.

Bryce Canyon Overlook

            Gary’s Gem:

                        While in Bryce Canyon National Park, hike at least one of the park’s trails to get an up-close and personal look at the hoodoos, and a different perspective on the area.  Many trails are fairly strenuous because of the elevation changes as you descend into the amphitheater, but there are easy trails as well..

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