Photo Album — Miami, Florida, USA

                  South Beach, Miami, Florida is the nightlife capital of the USA these days.  Besides the many art deco buildings, lit up in the evenings with multi-colored neon,

Art Deco Buildings

with their interesting symmetry,

Art Deco Buildings

and the many bars and nightclubs, there is a long white sandy beach, frequented by the “beautiful people” so that they may obtain and show off their tans. 

            The city of Miami, because of its large Hispanic population, has street signs in both English and Spanish, but it has little to offer the tourist. 

            The estate of Vizcaya claims to be Miami‘s most popular tourist attraction but may not be worth the hefty admission.

Villa Vizcaya

            Nearby is Biscayne National Park, located south of Miami, which preserves several of the off-shore habitats of this area, including mangrove swamps and coral reefs.  The park is primarily underwater, so visitors are encouraged to experience the reef environment in various ways.  Boat rentals are available, as well as tours such as glass-bottomed boat tours.

Biscayne National Park

            Gary’s Gem: 

                        Just off South Beach on Meridian Avenue, is the Miami Holocaust Memorial, a giant sculpture of an arm with many people clinging to it, as well as a perpetual flame and wall of names of holocaust victims. It is quite dramatic and moving.


Miami Holocaust Memorial

    Around the upraised arm are other sculptures which add to the emotion of the scene.

Base of Memorial


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