Photo Album — Newport, Rhode Island, USA

                  Not far from Providence (nothing in Rhode Island is really very far away) is the popular tourist destination of Newport, Rhode Island, once the summer playground of the very rich, families such as the Astors and the Vanderbilts.  As a result, they built beautiful and expensive summer cottages (really, elaborate mansions), especially along Bellevue Avenue.  Many of these chateaux have now been purchased by the Preservation Society of Newport County and maintained and operated as tourist sights.  There are also other 19th century mansions open to the public.

            The most popular and also some of the most opulent homes include The Breakers,

The Breakers

Marble House, and Rosecliff.



             Touro Synagogue National Historic Site preserves the last remaining Jewish house of worship from the colonial era. It is also the oldest synagogue in the United States. The building dates back to 1763.

Touro Synagogue

            Newport is an extremely pleasant city to walk, especially around the waterfront area with its many shops and restaurants. There always seems to be some sort of event going on, so that the charming and lively port city has become a year round destination.

Bowen's Wharf

           Gary’s Gem:

                        1. For a different perspective on the mansions of Bellevue Avenue, stroll along Cliff Walk for great views of the rocky Rhode Island coastline and peeks at the backyards of some of these mansions.

Cliff Walk Vista

                        2. Take Seven-mile drive from Bellevue Ave to Thames Street for an incredibly scenic look at the rocky and picturesque southern Rhode Island coast and a look at even more estates.

                        3. The mysterious Old Stone Mill is reputed to have Viking origins.

Old Stone Mill


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