Photo Album — Paris, France

      The “City of Lights” is the most romantic city on earth. Deserving of this moniker, Paris is everything that a great city should be — elegant, interesting, beautiful, and exciting. Many of its important sights are world-renowned.

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     The Eiffel Tower was once the tallest man-made structure on the planet. Even today, it was considered one of twenty sights from which the Seven Modern Wonders of the World were selected.

Eiffel Tower

  On the opposite side of the River Seine is the Arc d’Triomphe, erected by Napoleon to celebrate his victories.

Arc d'Triomphe

    Paris contains perhaps the world’s greatest art museum, the Louvre.

The Louvre

  Paris also has several famous churches. Most notable is Notre Dame.

Notre Dame

   High on a hill in the Montmartre neighborhood is Sacre Coeur, another famous church.

Sacre Coeur

 St Sulpice Church was featured in the movie, “The DaVinci Code.”

St Sulpice Church


          A delightful, quiet place to escape the hubbub is in the Luxembourg Gardens, behind Luxembourg Palace.

Luxembourg Gardens

      The Moulin Rouge is one of Paris’ baudiest entertainment venues.

Moulin Rouge

  Another, considerably more staid and proper, is the Paris Opera House.

Paris Opera House

  One of the city’s busiest places is the Place de Concorde, which is punctuated by an Egyptian obelisk.

Place de Concorde

Paris has a Pantheon, not as spectacular as the one in Rome, but certainly worth a visit.


    The most popular excursion from Paris is to Versailles, the incredible palace of Louis XIV, with its famous Hall of Mirrors.

Hall of Mirrors


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