Photo Album — Romantic Road

        The Romantic Road, Germany’s best road trip, takes visitors on a scenic and exciting tour of quaint, walled medieval villages, enchanting castles, grand palaces, and beautiful churches. Follow the route from Wurzburg to Fussen with a side branch to the Oberammergau and Mittenwald area of Bavaria to experience the best that Germany has to offer.

            Rothenburg, my favorite German village has pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets, medieval towers, and “schneeballen,” a local favorite.

Rothenburg Tower

Sieber’s Tower

Wieskirche — This elaborate Rococo church is one of Germany’s most elaborately decorated.


Mittenwald — This adorable village surrounded by Bavarian mountains is famous for its painted houses.


One of the world’s most enchanting castles lies at the southern end of the Romantic Road. Neuschwanstein is the masterpiece of Mad King Ludqwig II and was the inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland.


          Fussen — This charming town is at the southern end of the Romantic Road and is a common base of operations for an exploration of Neuschwanstein.

A Street in Fussen

 Oberammergau is the scene, every 10 years, of an elaborate Passion Play. The town promised put this play on when the residents were largely spared during the Plague.


The Ettal Monastery dominates this small town. The monastery church is another example of flamboyant Baroque architecture.

Ettal Monastery

 Linderhof is another of Mad King Ludwig’s elaborate castles. This one contains a Moorish Pavilion.


 The twin towns of Garmisch-Partenkirchen once hosted the Winter Olympics. They were such a pleasant location that the US Army decided to build a resort here. The lovely Edelweiss Resort is where we stayed while we visited Bavaria.

Edelweiss Resort

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