Photo Album — Savannah, Georgia, USA

                Savannah, Georgia is a classic city of the Deep South, which grew on the backs of slave labor and the fortunes of cotton-farming.  The downtown area is laid out in an unusual way — homes and neighborhoods were centered on a series of 24 squares which are now landscaped and preserved as city parks.  Twenty-two of the original squares designed by General James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, still remain and they provide a charming walking tour of the downtown area.

            The first of Savannah’s “historic homes” to be preserved was the Hamilton-Turner House. This event spurred the local Preservation Society to continue the process and now there are many such properties in town which can be admired and/or visited.

Hamilton-Turner House

           Also visit the riverfront where shopping opportunities and restaurants abound.  Here you will find the “Waving Girl” statue, created to represent a real Savannah girl,

Waving Girl

            Gary’s gem:

                        Of all the parks, Forsythe Park is particularly attractive.

Forsyth Park


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