Photo Album — Segovia, Spain

             Segovia, Spain, is an enchanting and romantic city, northwest of Madrid.  It contains three spectacular sights, all worthy of time and photos.

            First, the Alcazar is a Cinderella-like castle with many turrets and towers, in a glorious setting on the western edge of town, high on a promontory overlooking open plains.

El Alcazar

 It is Moorish in design with some beautiful rooms as well as some militarily strategic areas.  Ascend the hazardous stairs of the tower for a sweeping view of the town and especially its cathedral. 

View of Segovia from the Alcazar

            The cathedral is the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain (circa 1520).  The exterior was constructed with yellowish stone and has many spires as well as gargoyles and flying buttresses which add character. 

Segovia's Cathedral

 The central dome is the tallest structure in the city.  The interior seems somehow delicate despite its incredible size (the vaulted ceilings are hundreds of feet high).  It contains numerous chapels, sculptures and paintings.  The cathedral is found on the perimeter of another glorious Plaza Mayor, with many shops and restaurants.

            At the eastern end of the city is the famous Roman Aqueduct, still in use since the 1st century.  It is in amazingly good condition, especially considering that the Romans used no mortar in its construction. 

Roman Aqueduct


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