Photo Album — Venice, Italy

     Venice is wonderful! It is such a unique destination that everyone should find their way here during their lifetime. Maneuvering among the hundreds of islands that make up the city is both daunting and enjoyable. Because it is Italy, besides the incredible ambience there is the Italian “La Dolce Vita,” which spices up any visit.

     The most impressive place in Venice is Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square), where the lovely Basilica dominates one end of this space which Napoleon referred to as “the drawing room of Europe.”

St Mark's Square

   Inside the Basilica, look for the Pala d’Oro, an altar (behind the main altar) made of gold with embedded precious gems.

Pala d'Oro

         Climb St Mark’s Campanile (bell tower) for sweeping views of the city, the lagoon, and the outer islands.

View from the Campanile

       The main artery in the city is the Grand Canal, a wide aquatic thoroughfare which is lined with beautiful palaces.

Palace on the Grand Canal

   The Grand Canal is populated with gondolas, vaporettos (public mass transit), water taxis, and other craft.

Palaces and Gondolas

             The best palace of all is the Doge’s Palace, where the ruler of the city-state lived and worked. It is located just off St Mark’s Square and directly on the lagoon.

Doge’s Palace

    It was actually connected to the city’s prison via the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Bridge of Sighs

 Another of Venice’s bridges is even more famous. The Rialto Bridge is a covered span loaded with shops selling upscale items.

Rialto Bridge

          Venice’s lagoon provides access to some of the outer islands. It is also busy with aquatic traffic and is a place to store gondolas for the evening.

Venice's Lagoon

   Burano is our favorite outer island. Here the pace is much slower.


   Every visitor to Venice must make an ogligatory stop at Harry’s Bar (near Piazza San Marco) for a signature (and very expensive) Bellini.

Bellinis at Harry's Bar


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