Regional Roller Coaster Road Trip V – South Central States

      This section of the series is concentrated in Texas with one addition in Oklahoma since the distances in Texas are so great to begin with.
      The adventure begins in San Antonio, one of Texas’ premier cities, which is host to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. This park has a number of notable coasters, among them: Superman:Krypton Coaster, Scream, and Poltergeist.  
      Also in San Antonio is Sea World San Antonio, basically a carbon copy of the other two Sea Worlds. Recently, these venues have added thrill rides to attract a wider audience and this one is no exception.  It has its own Journey to Atlantis, as well as other roller coasters, such as, Steel Eel and Great White.
      From San Antonio, travel north on Interstate 35 to Arlington, TX, just south of Fort Worth, to visit one of the country’s very first themed amusement parks, Six Flags Over Texas, which boasts over a dozen roller coasters. Some of the most well-known are Batman the Ride, Superman Tower of Power, Mr Freeze, and Titan. The driving distance for this leg of the trip is about 270 miles.
      The last stop on this road trip is in Oklahoma City, OK, about 220 miles north of Arlington. Travel north on Interstate 35 through the city to the 122nd St exit to find Frontier City, a western-theme amusement park with a number of roller coasters, including Diamondback, Nightmare, Silver Bullet and Wildcat.
      The total distance for this regional road trip is approximately 500 miles, certainly doable in four or five days.


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