Regional Roller Coaster Road Trip VII – California

     California is the other US Mecca for amusement parks (Florida being the other). Our California jaunt begins in San Diego, where the third of the USA’s Sea World venues is located. Exit at Interstate 8 off Interstate 5 near downtown. Like the other Sea Worlds, this park has a Journey to Atlantis water coaster.
     Travel 22 miles north on I-5 to Carlsbad, CA, the home of Legoland. It has numerous rides, especially for youngsters. The most thrilling of the rides is the Lego Technic Test Track Roller Coaster.
     Further north (about 50 more miles) on I-5 is the city of Anaheim, CA, long time home of Disneyland, perhaps the nation’s first true theme park. Its newer section, Disney’s California Adventure Park is the choice for thrill rides, with California Screamin’ being the signature ride.
     Continuing northward another 15 or so miles, visitors will come to Buena Park, CA, which boasts Knott’s Berry Farm. There are numerous roller coasters here, among them, Sierra Sidewinder, Montezooma’s Revenge, Ghostrider, and Boomerang.
     Northward another 35-40 miles into the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, CA, brings the thrill-seeker to Universal Studios Hollywood, a movie-themed park with several notable roller coasters, including Revenge of the Mummy the Ride, Back to the Future the ride, and Jurassic Park the Ride.
     After visiting, continue north  for an additional 25 or so miles on I-5 to Valencia, CA, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. The numerous roller coasters include Scream, X, Goliath, Superman the Escape, and Batman the Ride.
     Next comes the last and longest ride of the trip, about 450 miles (consider a one-night stop along the way). Continue north on I-5 to Interstate 580 West, and then onto Interstate 80 East to Vallejo, CA, which is the home of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Here there are several notable roller coasters, including Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Kong, and Medusa.
     This entire trip covers a distance of approximately 700 miles, but much of that is the final leg. Those interested in reducing costs and saving gas can limit the trip to Southern California and travel a mere 150 miles while visiting five (5) parks. Enjoy!


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