Rivers of the USA — the East

Some of the notable rivers of the world are found in places frequented by travelers. These rivers are often showcased as an integral part of the tourist attraction itself. In addition, many of them serve as vehicles for the exploration of the area. This series will spotlight some of these important rivers.

This installment includes easternĀ Rivers of the USA.

Swift River, New Hampshire — Drive along the scenic Kancamagus Highway which connects North Conway and Lincoln, New Hampshire, and you will spend much of your trip looking at the lovely Swift River. It is especially scenic in the autumn when the leaves begin to change color.

Swift River

Providence River, Rhode Island — Recently altered in its course to accommodate downtown renovations and modifications, this river hosts Waterfires, an enchanting evening with logs burning on braziers in the center of the river.


Niagara River, Niagara Falls, NY — The river takes second billing to the famous falls, but where would the falls be without the river? The Niagara connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario and spills over dramatic rocky cliffs to create the world’s most well-known falls.

Niagara River & Falls

Genesee River, Finger Lakes Region, NY — Some of its scenic flow is preserved within Letchworth State Park.

Genesee River


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