Rivers of the World — Western Europe

Some of the notable rivers of the world are found in places frequented by travelers. These rivers are often showcased as an integral part of the tourist attraction itself. In addition, many of them serve as vehicles for the exploration of the area. This series will spotlight some of these important rivers.

Western Europe has a number of rivers which fit this category which explores significant Rivers of the World.

Aare River, Switzerland — The Aare River winds through a portion of Switzerland and is especially noticeable as it passes by Bern, the Swiss capital.

Aare River & Bern

Arno River, Italy — The Arno River originates in the Apennines, a mountain range which is the spine of Italy, and flows westward to the Ligurian Sea. In the process it passes through the city of Florence and under the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Arno River & Ponte Vecchio

Tiber River, Italy — Another important Italian river is the Tiber which separates the city of Rome from Vatican City.

Tiber River & St Peter’s Basilica

Loire River, France — The Loire is the longest river in France but it is best known for the many elegant chateaux which line its length as it passes west of Paris.

Loire River and Blois

Seine River, France — This river bisects the city of Paris creating a Left Bank and a Right Bank, a convenient distinction for tourists to the city. Bateaux Mouche frequent the river, offering an orientation of the city to travelers.

Along the Seine

Amstel River, Netherlands — Known also as a type of beer, many are not aware that the Amstel River provides the water for Amsterdam’s many canals.

Amsterdam Houseboat

Cam River, England — Ever hear of “Punting on the Cam?” The Cam River passes through Cambridge University where the practice of poling shallow, narrow boats has become a popular activity.

Punting on the Cam

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