ROAD Trips – Cross Germany on Autobahn A-5

      The German autobahn is world-renowned for its efficiency and the speed of the cars. Unfortunately, the autobahn has succumbed to the increase in population and the concept of maintenance. Now, it is common to see bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially near the big cities. Now, the signs signifying "construction ahead" are becoming more and more frequent and are also causing traffic jams. However, the roads are still the most efficient way to get from point A to point B. This road begins in Frankfurt-am-Main and heads south into the Black Forest region and on to the bend in the Rhine where Germany, France, and Switzerland meet. The main tourist destinations along the route are list below. A photo album will follow shortly.
      Frankfurt – This large city is probably the most popular gateway into Germany. Many international flights are routed through the airport here. Its city center contains several worthwhile tourist attractions, including the Town Hall and the Old Opera House.
      Worms – This city on the Rhine is one of Germany’s oldest cities and notable as the location for many of the events of the Niebelungenlied. Its Cathedral is particularly impressive.
      Heidelberg – This delightful university town on the banks of the Neckar River is a great walking city (look for my Walking Tour which will be posted in the future).
      Baden-Baden – This spa town, in the Black Forest Region, was known for its restorative waters as early as the time of the Roman Empire. Its Opera House is the largest in Germany.
      Strasbourg, France – This city is the largest in the Alsace Region and its center has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. The Cathedral is perhaps the most important attraction.
      The Alsace, France – The villages here along the "Wine Route" are picture-perfect, Disney-esque, flower-bedecked, and a pleasant cross between French and German, because of the history of the region, which has changed hands and allegiance many times.
      Freiburg – This Black Forest town has a delightful Old Town. Be sure to check out its Cathedral and Old City Hall.
      Basel, Switzerland – This interesting city on the Rhine has a wealth of important museums, as well as a quaint Old Town.


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