ROAD Trips – Cross Italy on Autostrada A-4

     This route cuts across northern Italy, from the Slovenian border in the east toward France in the west. Some of the country’s top tourist attractions can be accessed from this highway. Along much of the route, the Italian Alps are visible to the north. Torino, site of the 2006 Winter Olympics is the ending point of this interesting drive-tour.
      Trieste – This crossroads between East and West was much more important in its past history. There are several remaining landmarks which are worthwhile for the tourist, including Miramare Castle and Giusti Castle. There is also a fascinating cave complex in the area.
      Venice – Probably Italy’s most beloved city and one of the top travel destinations in the world, Venice is truly unique, with its myriad canals. It is a symbol of romance and has long captivated visitors who must experience the languid, relaxing gondola ride as an "initiation," of sorts. St Mark’s Cathedral and grand square form part of what Napoleon referred to as "the drawing room of Europe."
      Verona – This city is famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but it is far more than the scene of a play. The city of Verona has several noteworthy Roman relics which are among the best-preserved in Europe.
      Bergamo – This two-part city just east of Milan is becoming a more popular stop for tourist to the country. The "high" city, in particular is an enchanting village.
      Milan – This huge metropolis is most famous for its remarkable Duomo, one of the finest Gothic churches in the entire world. Across the square from the church sits La Scala, the world’s most-celebrated opera house. Fashion is king here in Milan.
      Torino – Also known as Turin, this city, nestled at the southern edge of the Italian Alps, is perhaps most famous as the site of the Shroud of Turin, thought to be what Christ was wrapped in following his crucifixion. The city was re-discovered during the most recent Winter Olympics and found to have much more to offer, for the discerning tourist.  


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