ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 15

     This interesting highway runs is another lengthy one, running from the Mexican border, at San Diego, to the Canadian border, in northern Montana. There are some extremely interesting cities and other sights along the way, including everyone’s favorite gambling and entertainment destination, Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.
         San Diego – This delightful city, known for its ideal climate, has a multitude of must-see tourist attractions. It’s zoo is famous around the world as one of the best, and its major city park, Balboa Park, is also considered one of the best, at least in America.
        Death Valley National Park – Just before reaching Nevada, take a detour on Rte 127 north to visit one of America’s most interesting national parks. Here visitors will find the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, the hottest temperatures and some of the most unusual landscapes in the world.
         Las Vegas – Very little needs to be said about this popular tourist location. Spend a few days even if you are not a gambler — there are fantastic shows, and many other activities in and just outside of the city. Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon are just a few.
        Zion National Park – This upside-down version of the Grand Canyon (visitors here are at the bottom of the canyon looking up at the walls and othere features. There are many trails available in this superb national park.
        Bryce Canyon National Park – Not far from Zion but a little more of a detour from the highway is this incredibly picturesque landscape, basically a bowl of sandstone which has been carved into odd and colorful shapes, known as hoodoos. The scene is truly other-worldly!
        Salt Lake City – The major attraction here is Temple Square, headquarters of the Mormon religion where a worthwhile guided tour features the Seagull Monument, the Tabernacle, and the Temple itself.
        Craters of the Moon National Monument – This attraction, a lunar-like landscape which features numerous volcanic cinder cones and other similar geological phenomena, is worth the detour off the highway, especially for those who find volcanoes fascinating.


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