ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 35

      This lengthy road which runs north-south through the central part of the US begins at the Mexico border (the town of Laredo) and ends near the Canadian border, in Duluth, Minnesota. Numerous significant tourist locations can be accessed along the route, since it passes through cities, such as, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Missouri, and Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota.
         San Antonio – Here, visitors will find the Alamo, symbol of the "heart" of Texas and an inspiring reminder of the difficulties faced by Americans in the pursuit of independence. Be sure to see the IMAX presentation prior to visiting the mission, to fully understand the layout and events of this "last stand" for American pioneer heroes, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and others.
         Dallas – The "last stand" for President John F Kennedy took place here during a motorcade through the city, when Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from a window in the Book Depository. The critical locations of this assassination are popular with visitors to the city.
        Oklahoma City – Another infamous event took place here in 1995 when the Federal Building was bombed, killing 168 people. A memorial was erected on the site and is a moving reminder for Americans of the dangers of terrorism. On a cheerier note, spend some time at the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum to relive the early days of the Oklahoma territory.
         Kansas City – This is great place to sample Ribs or Barbeque. There aren’t too many sights for the tourist, but the food is worth a stop.
         Bloomington – The only attraction here is the Mall of America, an extravaganza which is world famous as America’s largest retail center. It also has an amusement park, and aquarium and many other options, especially for children.
         Minneapolis-St Paul – The twin cities combine to attract a variety of visitors.  Minneapolis has a big city feel, while St Paul is smaller and a bit more homey with its older architecture.


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