ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 94

      This northern route cuts across the midwest from Detroit, MI to Billings, MT. There are several highlights of this route as it passes through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.
        Detroit – Motor City is not one of the nation’s top destinations by any means, but it has a few sights for the tourist who is passing through. Its skyline is dramatic and it contains several quality museums.
        Notre Dame University – A short detour to South Bend brings the visitor to the storied campus of Notre Dame, one of America’s most respected universities.
        Chicago – This beautiful city on the banks of Lake Michigan sports perhaps the most beautiful skyline in the US, great city parks, and some of the best museums in the world.
        Milwaukee – This city is known particularly for its beer and for the presence of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers professional football team.
        Wisconsin Dells – This well-known family vacation area is very much overdone, but there is no ignoring its popularity. Check out the nice scenery on the Wisconsin River with a boat ride.
         Minneapolis-St Paul – The Twin Cities have a number of attractions to entice the tourist. St Paul has more charm while Minneapolis has a big city feel with a midwestern down-home, friendly manner.
         Mall of America – Just south of Minneapolis, in the suburb of Bloomington, is probably the premier shopping venue in the United States. It has become a travel destination because of all the activities offered in addition to shopping.
      North Dakota
         Bismarck – Check out the Art Deco State Capitol building while passing through the area.
         Theodore Roosevelt National Park – A memorial to the president who championed the environment and who started the national park system, this park features colorful badlands and stark Western landscapes.
         Pompey’s Pillar National Monument – This sandstone formation contains the carved name of Captain William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame), the lone physical reminder of the famous expedition that opened up the entire West to settlers.


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