Scandinavian Cruise — Aarhus, Denmark

From Oslo, the cruise ship headed back to Denmark, to the second-largest city of the country, Aarhus, on the section of Denmark known as Jutland. We walked into town and actually followed a walking tour offerred by Rick Steves in his Scandinavia Guidebook. The walk began at the Cathedral, the largest church in Denmark. It was built in 1520 as a Catholic Cathedral and then became Lutheran during the Reformation, sixteen years later. The whitewashed interior contains painted ceilings and a number of other interesting features. For instance, there is a model of a ship hanging from the ceiling, a common feature in Danish churches. The alterpiece is intricate and striking.

From the Cathedral we walked down several streets to find what Rick calls the “most beautiful street in town,” Mollestien, a delightful cobblestone lane with pastel houses adorned with hollyhocks and roses. From here we headed down Aboulevarden, a pedestrian-only walkway lined with shops and cafes. Our last stop was the Aarhus Theater, with its statue of the Devil at the peak of the roof, facing the Cathedral

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