Scandinavian Cruise — Afterthoughts 1

As we reflect on our cruise, Lee & I differ in many of our preferences but not in our most memorable moments. Here are some of our bests:

Most Memorable Moment for both of us — In Warnemunde, Germany, ¬†as we left the cruise ship, walking toward the train station for our excursion to Berlin, we saw several groups of people on train platforms waiting for trains. The groups were fairly large, perhaps twenty or more in each, and they waited expectantly for a train to appear. As we watched them, we couldn’t avoid the thought that a similar situation must have occurred during World War II, in Germany and other places, where Jews or Gypsies stood on platforms waiting for a train to they-knew-not-where. It was particularly eerie since we were standing in what was once East Germany, not that far from one of the many “Concentration Camps” from which few ever emerged. “This haunting image will remain with us forever,” we thought, as we entered the train station ourselves and found our platform.

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