Spotlight on Baltimore, MD, USA


            Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a remarkable area of resurgence and restoration that has become a model of urban renewal for the entire country.  The Inner Harbor has become a magnet for tourists and residents alike because of its vibrant, varied activities, as well as its many restaurants and shops.  There is now a water taxi service which connects many of Baltimore’s interesting neighborhoods via a pleasant boat trip.  There are also new hotels in the area, built to take advantage of the area’s popularity. 

            Baseball fans will find Babe Ruth’s home, not far from the waterfront, worth visiting.

            Another great destination in the vicinity is Annapolis, Maryland, the present capital of Maryland and also the location of the United States Naval Academy.  Besides these credits, Annapolis is a beautiful, old American city which has preserved and is proud to display, much of its past. The historic waterfront area is especially noteworthy in this respect, since the city was once an important center for international commerce. The many examples of Georgian architecture also distinguish this locale.


            Gary’s Gem:

                        1. Not far from the Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area is Oriole Stadium at Camden Yard, one of the newer baseball parks in the country and, whether a baseball fan or not, provides a pleasant area to stroll because of the many food and trinket vendors which have been built into the stadium.

                        2. A worthwhile excursion from the Inner Harbor involves taking a water taxi to Fort McHenry, famous because Francis Scott Key wrote the United States‘ National Anthem, “The Star-spangled Banner” while approaching the Fort while it was under attack from the British.  

                        3.  To best appreciate the history and importance of Annapolis, take a guided tour of the city which can be arranged and begins at the Visitor Center.

                        4. When on the grounds of the US Naval Academy, don’t miss the crypt of John Paul Jones.


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