Spotlight on Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Another View of Rainbow Bridge


Bridge National Monument is located in a remote section of Lake Powell, a watershed along the border of Utah and Arizona, created by the erection of the Glen Canyon Dam.  It is the largest natural arch in the world, almost 100 meters (300 feet) tall and 90 meters (275 feet) wide.                                  

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Because it is in a fairly inaccessible area, the best way to visit is by boat, from the Wahweap Marina in Page, Arizona.  The boat trip is pleasant, because the canyon scenery is beautiful, but long (about 80 km or 50 miles), at least a four-hour round trip. The arch area is sacred Indian Territory, so visitors are requested not to walk under or around the arch. However, they may disembark for a short while to admire the scenery and take pictures. It is a spectacular sight.                              

            Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area include the extensive area created by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Following the completion of the dam, it took 14 years to fill the 180 mile long lake.  An incredible variety of water activities are available here, including cruises to Rainbow Bridge.  The major entrance to the area is via Page, Arizona, although the recreation area extends into Utah.                         

Lake Powell National Recreation Area


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