Spotlight on Savannah, GA, USA


            Savannah, Georgia is a classic city of the Deep South, which grew on the backs of slave labor and the fortunes of cotton-farming.  The downtown area is laid out in an unusual way — homes and neighborhoods were centered on a series of 24 squares which are now landscaped and preserved as city parks.  Twenty-two of the original squares designed by General James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, still remain and they provide a charming walking tour of the downtown area. Also visit the riverfront where shopping opportunities and restaurants abound. See my walking tour of this stately and enchanting city in the website archives — look for the Hilton Head trip, posted on 11-28-07.


            Gary’s gem:

                        1. Of all the parks, Forsythe Park is particularly attractive.

                        2. For a truly authentic Southern-style restaurant, head to Mrs Wilkes



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