Spotlight on Thessaloniki, Greece


            Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, is a melting pot of cultures, due to its location at the crossroads between East and West.  In particular, Byzantine culture is well-represented here. Despite its size, the attractions of the city are accessible by foot, since most of them are found near the waterfront. Actually, the public promenade along the waterfront is ideal for this purpose. 

            Notice the White Tower, previously a fort, then a jail, now a museum. Upon entering Aristotelous Square, a look inland gives an appreciation of the city’s size.

            One of the most photogenic neighborhoods of the city is Ano Poli, with its traditional Balkan architecture and the Old Fortress (Eptapyrgion).

            The most important church in the city is the Agia Sophia, which was modeled after its namesake, Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul.

            Thessaloniki is perhaps the best place to sample Greek cuisine. There are certainly numerous restaurants to choose from.  Because of its location, seafood dishes are particularly appealing.


           Gary’s Gem:  I have posted a walking tour of Thessaloniki — check out the 3-17-2010 post.


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