Spotlight on Toronto, Ontario, Canada


             Toronto, Ontario, is Canada’s largest city, and, as might be expected, has an extensive variety of attractions.  Perhaps the most impressive is the CN Tower, considered the tallest free-standing structure in the world, at 1,815 feet.  The views from the Observation Deck (1,465 ft) are stunning.  On a clear day the observer may see Niagara Falls (or at least the spray from the falls) and the city of Buffalo, New York.  The city lies on Lake Ontario and marinas and docks line the shore.  Beside the CN Tower is the Toronto Skydome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, a major league baseball team. 

            Ontario Place, which also lies along a section of shoreline, is basically an amusement park/city park whose major venues are enclosed in modernistic pods suspended over the lake.  A tremendous variety of activities are available from water rides to miniature golf to an IMAX theater.  There is even an amphitheater which offers outdoor concerts. 

            Here in winter and the temperature outside is in the single digits? Don’t worry! The Path, accessed from a number of well-marked, above ground locations, provides visitors and residents with shops, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment without ever being exposed to Toronto’s frigid cold. It is virtually an underground city with over 15 miles of tunnels.


            Gary’s gem:

                        Toronto has a number of city parks, some along the Lake Ontario shoreline, which provide inviting locations for a picnic and to admire the city’s skyline.


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