Spotlight on Verona, Italy


               Verona, Italy, has Roman ruins, a beautiful town center, and connections to Shakespeare.  Together, they explain its popularity on the tourist scene.  Sights include the Arena, Verona’s Roman amphitheater, completed in 30 A.D. and still in use as an entertainment venue, Castelvecchio, the Old Castle, which dates to 1354, San Zeno Maggiore, a magnificent church built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style, Piazza Erbe, which occupies the site of the ancient Roman forum, Piazza dei Signori, with its very famous statue of Dante, numerous Palazzi (palaces), constructed using “rosso di Verona”, a pink-tinged limestone characteristic of the area, and several other churches.  For the Shakespeare aficionados, there is Juliet’s House, with its famous balcony, and Juliet’s Tomb. 


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